To My Family

Hello to my family and friends. It’s me, William Conrad. As you might know, I was fighting for the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. It’s currently October 13rd, 1781, and we have just had the British surrender at Yorktown. I, personally, am glad that the war is over. We have worked and fought so hard for this unlikely victory, and now that it’s here it seems almost too good to be true. The siege started on September 28th and continued until October 19th. It all began with General Cornwallis marching his troops into Yorktown with intent to a siege. The troops formed around the area and began an official siege on October 9th. After days of fighting, the troops with Cornwallis had been sufficiently out of food, water and supplies and had no choice but to surrender immediately. His army marched out of Yorktown and had officially surrendered. I doubt this is the end of all fighting, but hopefully life will be able to go back to some normalcy.

A Letter to My Friends

Dear my fellow New Yorkers,

Living here during the war is hard. I, and my other Loyalists are finding it hard to continue fighting. We have found that we have a major disadvantage off the bat, we aren’t fighting for anything. We are just trained pawns, fighting against the Colonists, who actually need this. I, of course started off as a Loyalist, living in England, always supporting the King, but am second guessing myself. One of the battles I most participated in was the Battle of Bunker Hill. We fough on June 17th, 1775 in Charlestown, Boston. We began our attack against Boston, and ended up winning, but lost hundreds of men and even more injured, hurting our projectory twords winning. My days as a Loyalist are not short of action. We usually train in the mornings and nights if we aren’t fighting, and spend the rest of time recharging at camp. I haven’t yet decided if I am going to continue to fight, but from right now, it isn’t looking good.

Join the Patriots!

Hello, my fellow Americans! Colonists and Loyalists. The two sanctioned groups in this fight. I, Wilden James, a Colonist want you to join our side in the fight against the British. We, unlike the British, are actually fighting for something, our freedom. They are just fighting to fight, and to win, we are fighting for freedom, justice, happiness, and liberty. Of course, we have struggles, like so many do, but we will get through each and every one of those struggles together, as a banded union. We were treated like animals in England, forced to pay unfair taxes without representation, forced to practice religion we didn’t agree with, and participate in unfair laws. If we all stand together, we will be able to beat the Loyalists at their own game, and take back our beautiful union.


America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

              –Abraham Lincoln

The War: British Spy

My name is Wren Kingston, and I am a spy for the British and Loyalists during the Revolutionary War. I have always lived in Britan, specifically, East Anglia and my family had always been supporters of the Monarchy. When the war started, we stayed loyal, and I was chosen to be one of the many spies used throughout the fighting. Basically, I sneak around the various camps, trying to harvest information on the other sides and how they are operating, so we can get a metaphorical leg up on the competition. Of course, there are dangers of being a spy, but alas, it can be helpful. As of now, we are fairly confident in our ability to win. The Americans are not fighting with militia, like we are, and are using, instead, an assortment of blacksmiths, peasants and farmers. We also have more advanced weapons, leaving them with only mediocre weaponry. Disadvantages for them are much higher than ours, and we are definitely at the upper hand as of now. Of course, that could change, meaning we can’t too high in the clouds. I think our trained men, advanced weapons, our food sources and supplies surpassing theirs, and, of course, our king helping with everything will help us greatly against the peasants working with the colonists.


“These are the times that try men’s souls.”
Thomas Paine, The American Crisis